Running Wild Dog

Ozette was not wearing her pack when she ran wild.

Ozette disappeared on our evening walk yesterday. She usually runs up the road bank into the thickets and back to the road, yet stays mostly on the road. She did not come back; I called & whistled. I didn’t even hear her running. After a while I felt a little spooked and walked the half mile home without her, still calling and whistling frequently. She brought herself home soon, tongue hanging. Since I did not hear the normal stomping and crashing sounds of a deer or bear, I believe it was likely  a coyote or fox or maybe a neighbor’s adventurous cat that she chased. So here in the woods, next to BLM & National Forest lands, she gets her leash again and we restrain our walks. I hesitate to take her “liver chunks” training-treats where the wild animals are beginning to come down now for water & feed. I used to tie a long thick rope to Echo when she roamed, but seldom. This dog would need a tow chain and maybe even hooked to the tractor.


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