bliss lives in the moment

B & W teens backstage
Bliss lives in the moment. Teens share euphoria backstage as they help each other get into character and costume for a performance.

6 thoughts on “bliss lives in the moment”

  1. Hi Kay.. Truly agree. These small moments of joy, which happen at varied times of our life.. Too often, we forget about these times and waste it on the ones that give us pain.. Great note.


    1. Thanks. I love black and white. We used to use it more in newspapers. I like the style of having another scene or story going on behind the front scene, like the boy braiding another student’s hair in the center background of the shot, while the foreground shows other students engaged in dialog or rehearsing lines.


    2. Thanks. I’m glad to know your see simplicity in my photo. I am really a clutter person and I lose some shots because the background is too cluttered when I shoot at home. Cropping certainly helps me eliminate excess that I might not see when I shoot a photo.


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