Landmarks for Meditation

beach with driftwood ship wreck

Why is it?

Because:  all phenomna are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow, like dew and lightening.

Thus should you meditate on them.

– The Diamond Sutra, translated at the Sukhavati Forest Retreat

Hazard Mountain

 Rough Country

– Dana Gioia

Give me a landscape made of obstacles,

of steep hills and jutting glacial rock,

where the low running streams are quick to flood

the grassy fields and bottom lands.

A place

no engineers can master – where the roads

must twist like tendrils up the mountainside

on narrow cliffs where boulders block the way.

Where tall black trunks of lightning-scalded pine

push through the tangled woods to make a roost

for hawks and swarming crows.

And sharp inclines

Where twisting through the thorn-thick underbrush,

scratched and exhausted, one turns suddenly

To find an unexpected waterfall,

not half a mile from the nearest road,

a spot so hard to reach that no one comes –

A hiding place, a shrine for dragonflies

and nesting jays, a sign that there is still

one piece of property that won’t be owned.

World Kindness Day Ideas

Take a Smile
World Kindness Day, Thursday, November 13

Nov. 13, Thursday, is World Kindness Day. Not sure I can get a Flash Mob together like in London in time for the small town I live in. I’m sure I’ll come up with something, maybe a happiness sign to hang at my rural mailbox to connect my neighbors with kind thoughts. I am sharing a link for ideas. Can you plan a small event or post a sign in your community to promote kindness? I’d love to see what you do! Leave a link to a photo of your idea  or the event in your reply to this post and I’ll make a gallery to share our ideas of kindness around the globe. Contribute your photo anytime. It doesn’t have to be by November 13.

Here is the link for Wake Up London’s ideas for World Kindness Day.