In the Moment

Not my ordinary type of post, these photos examine my tries at using slow shutter speeds, causing blurs, to show movement. This lesson reminds me to study my Olympus E-10 DSLR, review the manual, experiment, and take my time.

girls dancingI focused on the musicians and, without planning, caught the children in motion dancing with abandonment. Let’s see if I can make that happy accident happen with intention. See these musicians in motion with streaking paper airplanes in my post “Swarm”.

prayer flags over gardenThe prayer flags wave above my garden, indicate whatever breeze passes their prayers along. I barely see a blur in today’s light wind but they do show movement. They were moving too slowly for my shutter speed to blur.

pine with ice dripsIce dripping from the deck roof  just looks like scratches on a print, to me.