Big Sky Country

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Massive sky and field dominates the rolling Palouse Prairie in North Idaho, near the Montana border. It’s part of the Big Sky Country for good reason. And the sky in this region is almost always astounding. I like the full camera view with no cropping, but I can see how cropping can create a different effect. At sunset I often ponder whether I should “correct” the color or leave the pink glow, the way the scene really looks when I am there. Both ways can offer a mood. Which photo appeals most to you?




Paper paper airplanes swarm across the ceiling in the South Side Grill. The restaurant and bar face the airport in McCall, Idaho. As two guitarists swarm the bar with electric blues, I imagine the planes coming to life and wreaking havok. I set my cameras on long shutter speeds and set the magic free. The musicians are Brian MacDonald and Spence Bates, playing blues on Fender Squires. They played for the dancing girls in my post “In the Momment”.