Palouse sky adjusted and cropped

Big Sky Country

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Massive sky and field dominates the rolling Palouse Prairie in North Idaho, near the Montana border. It’s part of the Big Sky Country for good reason. And the sky in this region is almost always astounding. I like the full camera view with no cropping, but I can see how cropping can create a different effect. At sunset I often ponder whether I should “correct” the color or leave the pink glow, the way the scene really looks when I am there. Both ways can offer a mood. Which photo appeals most to you?



26 thoughts on “Big Sky Country”

      1. Glorious, yes. I can go to a city anytime, but let me live in the middle of nowhere. The Palouse is a few hours north of me and worth the drive. I live in trees, canyons, and peaks in west central Idaho.


  1. I enjoyed reading and seeing this post. I agree, there is nothing like a sky full of clouds and the clouds at sunset reflect the lights so beautifully! I like them all as well.
    I live in Utah, now, grew up in Nevada so am very at home with “wide open spaces” and big skies.
    I have pondered upon if I HAD to choose my favorite aspect of nature, what would it be and decided if I really had to make just one choice, it would be a sky full of huge, cumulus clouds. I think a clear blue sky can be rather boring. Stir it up with clouds of all shapes, sizes and colors and you have a real show going on! It also makes me feel “sheltered”. As if a blanket is thrown over the whole earth, and we can’t float off too far into the oblivion I guess. haha
    I did a post on Nature Shots in the Southwest if you’d like to take a peek.
    I have some photos of CLOUDS and want to put it together in a photo display post.
    I will keep checking back at your amazing blog. I hardly pick up a book anymore, there is so much going on in the blogs and coming from real, everyday people…the grassroots of our land, makes it very special.

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    1. Happy to meet another sky woman There’s a picture of me as a young child laying on my back in the yard and looking at the clouds. I still do it. I will look at your nature shots. For today’s landscape assignment I enhanced a photo to bring out the cloud texture. Here’s the link
      The Big Sky Country post was for the same assignment when I took photo101 in November. It was made in Oct.. Leaving the sky a solid color or texture is just plain wrong.

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      1. Yes. WordPress offed it in Nov. and again in March. The assignments are the same in both courses. Here’s a link to courses they offer. You don’t have to use WordPress to take their blogging courses. You can sign up to get notifications and they let you know ahead of time so you can sign up for hte free courses. You get instructions and in The Commons you give and get feedback and more instructions and connect with other bloggers.

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