Blue Ball Jar with Marbles

Marble mania

If you call me and ask what I’m doing I might say I’m putting my marbles back in the jar. That’s what I told Caroline last week and it’s the truth. I had rinsed them and dried them and I was putting them back when she called and asked. I’ve been collecting marbles for a few years. I know people have bigger collections than mine. Maybe I lost a few. Now today’s truth is that I have a brand spanking new macro lens and I figured out how to use it. Whoop! Whoop! The ice cube with the light bulb inside shows how I feel when I have writer’s block, frozen up and waiting for the light to come on, just can’t get the electricity to flow and can’t even light a candle.


6 thoughts on “Marble mania”

    1. Thanks, Cardinal. I look at that jar of marbles every day. The sun illuminates them in the after noon. I have drawn them with colored pencil, trying to get the shiny look. Not giving up on that, but I had a blast with my new macro on my DSLR.


  1. Mmmmmmmm nice marbles! I had a collection when I was a kid – aggies, tiger eyes, bloods, stars, boogers….. I think eventually I lost all mine playing knuckle-down Keepsies with my cousins.


    1. Strangely, I see them on the ground on my walks. That’s where many of these came from. Someone gave my son a big coffee can full saved from his childhood. I think they are cool, each one unique. Nice little gazing balls.


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