Edge: Walk a crooked path.

path to Lake Ozette from the tree houseThe path from the tree house to Lake Ozette is a board walk built about 20 feet above the ground. In the rainy season the lake rises so water comes up to the boards. The edge of the lake changes with rains and drought. I don’t know that anyone has fallen off the edge of the path.

Watch for another post in which I will show the board walk from the dirt road into the tree house, and the adorable cabin built in a Sitka spruce tree. It sleeps 4. Lake Ozette is in Olympic National Park on the Washington state coast. The tree house is on the only privately owned property on the lake.



An exercise in photographing things in doubles.

double sets of chairs
Conversations inside and out.

Come sit with me in the garden, in the field, under a pine, at the boundary markers.  I like to place chairs and hammocks at different places on my property, inviting conversations for two.

Jamestown pole 2 sided

Jamestown totem pole front

The Jamestown S’Klallam tribe built several new totem poles in recent years. This one is double sided. The top hat structure indicates wealth in giving potlatches. Thuderbird faces north and south, the bay and the mountains. You can barely see the edge of it’s wing facing the camera. Beneath Thunderbird is Beaver, holding its tail. The Jamestown people bought their land on Washington’s North Olympic Peninsuala instead of letting it become a reservation. They have a village, casino, fire station, seafood store, gas station with deli and convenience store, medical facility, and cultural center. This totem pole is at the fire station.