Big bright summer sunflowers!



Big bright summer sunflowers!
Big bright summer sunflowers!

Triumph is the color of summer sunflowers in river bottom topsoil given me by friendly neighbors.

dog in creek
Sweet Jane wades in our creek her  first week home in March at 93 pounds.

Triumph is Sweet Jane, the German Shepherd we adopted after 15 months in the “no kill’ shelter. She’s getting old, has thyroid issues, skin allergies, and forever ear infections. She lost weight from 140 pounds when her previous owner surrendered her to 71 pounds with good care. That she is alive and in a loving home is triumph for this animal. And she really is sweet!

Dog in river.
Sweet Jane wades in the mouth of the Elwha River.

Triumph is freeing the Elwha River from 2 dams that prevented historic 100 pound salmon from spawning. Sweet Jane romps in the briny water and on the sand spits created by the river.

2 dogs in van
2 dog car alarm – Sweet Jane and Ozette.

Triumph is just getting up in the morning for many people. I like this post about Triumph.


11 thoughts on “Triumph!”

    1. Thank you. She’s well bred. The shelter, McPaws in McCall, Idaho, gets the credit. She is their mascot dog and still goes to their fundraisers and events. She couldn’t walk when they took her in, had patches of skin missing and ears like cauliflowers. They figured out her thyroid, food allergy prescription diet, and ear treatments. Prior owners neglected vet visits so her left ear has permanent damage. She came well trained, a very loving animal. McPaws was very picky about letting her go. We just take her for walks and outings and maintain her health and vet visits, treat her like a working dog (she chases range cows out of our yard). I love this breed and had she not been German Shepherd, I’m sorry to say I might not have seen her.

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      1. She sounds wonderful. And what a great shelter. It breaks my heart to hear how badly some people treat their pets but it’s so great to hear the good stories like this where someone has been able to reverse the pain. Penny looks very well loved now, she’s beautiful.


    1. We put up deer and cattle fencing and used vole repellent when our neighbors gave us two dump trucks of top soil. I need gardening like a runner needs to run. I grew a big assortment of sunflowers in the protected space. Check out shelters and rescue groups for a nice German Shepherd. Your dog will cost less. An adult dog is usually already trained. Pups are expensive from good breeders but we usually get a pup. I just couldn’t leave her in a shelter after I saw her.

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      1. Yes, absolutely rescues! My dogs are all rescued. I only have one left now, the others have passed away. I had an English Springer Spaniel that was rescued from the animal shelter here. He was about 2 years old when I got him and he had a stroke in March of this year (he was 14) and I had to have him put down. Just about killed me. He was such a wonderful dog. Years ago I had a German Shepard that was about 3 years old when we got him. He was the best watch dog I have ever had. I absolutely LOVE gardening but because of my back (4 rods and arthritus) I cannot do it anymore. I am going to miss this class and will be anxiously waiting for the next.


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