The Leibster Award


Thanks so much for nominating my blog for the Leibster Award! They thought my photography is awesome. Ah, gee. Goes to show you never know who is watching your blog and how your posts effect them. Leibster is German for lovely, appealing, nice, that sort of thing. I was asked to respond to 11 questions and then nominate other blogs for the award. Here are my responses and my nominations for more wonderful blogs.

1.) Why did you decide to start to blog?

I missed writing features articles for a newspaper and I wanted to share the culture and environments of both fabulous places where I lived, one in Idaho Rocky Mountains, and one on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula at the coast. I wanted to move beyond journal writing, notes. I have 45 or more journals. Like performing music, writing needs to have an audience some of the time.

2.)What is your favorite memory?

So many wonderful memories collage in my mind. I’m sure the outstanding ones place me outdoors skiing or at a lake or beach. Or maybe cruising the San Juan Islands on our boats. And doing everyday things with family like shucking huge open tubs of corn in my grandparents’ garage with my extended family.

3.) Who inspires you?

Uncle Clarence. He began writing letters when I moved away in 7th grade and we exchanged letters from then until he passed at age 90. He typed his letters on a Royal from the 1920s. I started keeping his letters in the late 80s and I have a wealth of his concise writing style and stories to share on my blog.

4.) What is your current goal in life?

I want to learn to say no to working except for small contracts that relate to my art and writing. I want to commit to stay focused on my art and writing. I want to clear out the clutter in my studio by using all the “found objects” and fabric until I have space to collect and use more. And to get some projects ready to sell.

5.) How would you describe yourself?

Calm, energetic, sincere, balanced.

6.)How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?

Enough to stay warm all winter and share with others in need.

7.) What do you do for Fun?

Ski, kayak, hike, write, draw, photograph, lead kids in children’s theater, landscape and garden.

8.) What is your dream vacation?

I want to spend some weeks or months exploring Montana and really catching a fish with my fly outfit.

9.) What is your favorite Quote?

Anywhere you are, there you are.

10.) Do you enjoy running a blog?


11.) What do you plan to do now?

After I finish the post I will read some other blogs, knit a while on a scarf, organize my studio for a while, and write the next piece for the Cat Rock letters on my blog.

Now it’s time that I nominate blogs that I think are fantastic, but they must have less than 500 followers. I scoured the earth for the longest time and found these unique blogs: A retired Air Force lady, her blog really came alive for me when she took up the photo a day challenge. Wow! His crisp photos always surprise me. He makes a point quickly in his writing and photos. He shows me an urban nature I had not expected to see in a huge city. He makes me think. He makes me feel. I love cottages and cottage gardens. Hers are beautiful, and her photos and posts appeal to me on a deep level. She writes about sensitive issues and enlightens me. You’ll like her professional photos of food and recipes, plus her down home talk about her travels and her life. Waiting for a job as a dental hygienist, she might as well write an on-line cook book. Yum.     A Fairy Mind lives in this blog. Quite creative and a photographer who posts photos of intrigue. says she’s one wicked writer, dark and twisted. She has a love for the strange and unusual, as well as a curiosity for the unknown. She believes anything is possible. She blogs about sci fi, macabre, and fantasy. I connect with her posts and photos about rural life. She can tell a story efficiently with appeal.


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