Peace on the Range

Every year I torment myself for months trying to compose a unique card and print it to mail to family and friends for the winter holidays. For a couple of years I haven’t created a new holiday photo to mail. It might not happen this year either. December brings many traditional festivals to celebrate the season’s changes and religious events so I try not to get too tangled up with just one of them. Peace and love is the most important message I can think of. So today I share some photos I have used on cards in the past and wait for this season’s inspiration to strike. This is a good time to be a little goofy. I hope you get a chuckle and a moment or relaxed humor.

peace sing in field
Peace on the Range
peace sign on bare ground
Peas on Earth
line of crabs
Feeling a little crabby this year? Sandy Claws is coming to town.

The Peace symbol in the field is the most popular photo. Not really in the goofy category. People have framed it and keep it on their walls, they still talk about that card. Their visitors ask for a copy. As my husband stepped on the gas to gain momentum for the steep Midvale Hill I saw the shot and Brian slammed on the brakes. (He loves me!) Look closely and you will see the strands of barbed wire are not the same on both sides of the circle. The rancher hung the roll of wire on a corner post and hadn’t finished his fencing job. I like the irony of barbed wire creating a peace sign.

Peas on Earth came to me in desperation for a card. I grabbed a bag of frozen peas and ran out to my garden. I had already prepared the ground for the winter and I arranged the peas into the peace sign on the beautiful earth. Goofy and I like it. I used Photoshop Creative Suite to make the dry brush effect.

The poor Dungeness Crabs (oh how tasty!) were lined up for slaughter (boiling) at High Tides Seafood plant in Port Angeles where my husband worked. I photographed the whole process and this line generated silly ideas, too (among pathetic notions). I used the same Photoshop program to give it the water color effect.