Weekly photo challenge: Warmth

I seldom participate in the WordPress weekly photo challenge but I think about it just the same. The low last night was 10 degrees F. As I write this post at about noon it’s 20 degrees outside and 92 indoors. Breeze makes the chill factor feel lower. With three levels of windows facing south, on sunny days we turn off the heat and open windows. This morning I oiled 5 pairs of boots, some to wear in snow and with my snow shoes. They rest in the warmth at the windows while snow swirls off trees outdoors. The temperature differences indoors and out struck me. In one of the photos you can see some pine needles sticking out from beneath snow. Together the pine mulch and snow insulate tulips in the container, keeping them frozen until time to bloom. Maybe I should move them away from the sunny side of the deck to help prevent thaw and freeze. I have only one photo of a wind sweeping through the area, blowing snow off trees, creating a mysterious mood. I made the shot from our deck. The wind is only apparent on the ridge.