Search and rescue practice

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Ozette loves search and rescue missions. She’s not formally trained for the task but her tracking skills are incredible! Her favorite search and rescue activity is finding logs, huge branches, or even small sticks under water and bringing them ashore where she lines them up and goes back for more. It’s in her instinct tool kit, her default. I read a book about why some dogs exhibit certain behaviors, possibly in their genes from the job an ancestor performed, some where back in its lineage. I’m pretty sure if I researched I’d find this dog had an ancestor that worked at logging at a river or stream. If I could teach her to catch fish, sweet. We had been picking huckleberries at a high elevation in August 2012 near Cuprum, Idaho. To cool off, we stopped at a cold high mountain stream  near Landore in the Seven Devils Mountains over Hells Canyon.

I’m showing these photos for Photography 101, an assignment to make photos with blur and capture the moment, action shots. These show the process Ozette uses to find and retrieve sticks in a stream, caught in the moment. Here is a link to the commons where participants can share daily assignments (challenges).


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