To break the silence

elephant piano

The Piano Man

by Grace

In 2005 The Piano Man was found wandering the streets of Sheerness in a soaking wet suit and tie.
He didn’t say a word.
When presented with pad and pen he simply drew a grand piano.
His nurses sat him in front of a beat up old upright
he played for four hours straight.
For four months his hands were the only things to break his silence.

Alexandre Dumas said “man will never be perfect until he learns to create and destroy.”
Do you ever think about how Beethoven hacked the legs off his piano so he could feel the sounds he couldn’t hear in his head, through his chest?
And Van Gogh heard the sounds his paintings made but kept going until his sanity
was just a memory floating on a distant river under a tired Milky Way.
And you see, like a Gaelic folk song blindness runs red through my family,
so I know it’s not much but I’m here, still trying to mould my hands to say the right form of ‘I love you’.

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I found this street piano in Old Town in Lewiston, Idaho. I stopped and played a while. It has less keys than my own piano and only 2 foot pedals. Somehow, this and playing outdoors was comforting and more relaxing than playing at home. I didn’t play any song, really, just made harmonic sounds and enjoyed the experience. Later I had coffee outdoors at a little shop a few blocks away and I heard someone else playing for a few moments. What a treasure to have a public piano out doors for spontaneous tunes.


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