It is fiction, right?

I’m back from 20 minutes timed  writing.  Things have been happening here, strange sounds from a grave sized hole we dug for a tree last fall, now filled with muddy water, lights in the sky, owls hooting, boulders I swear were not on the ridge last fall before the snow, a flash of my stepdad’s plaid shirt, his arm on the arm of my wicker love seat on the front deck, its back to the window. He died in 2008. I look away from the pane, realize what I have glimpsed and look back. Nothing  there. But it felt so real. I’m sure it was there. The old dog’s frequent nose bleeds. All that blood, it is from the dog, right? That sort of thing. No doubt all can be explained but it’s fun to let my imagination lead the way and get something on the page. Since I spent a lot of money and time in a horror writers workshop in Transylvania last summer, I might as well practice the writing craft, fiction that is. It is fiction, right?


10 thoughts on “It is fiction, right?”

    1. Thank you. It’s a plastic chair that looks like a granite hand. I left a pair in the yard this winter. Strange, but really all this has been happening the last few days. It must be leading me to a story.

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  1. All of this has been happening to you these past few days? Oh no! Why’s your dog’s nose frequently bleeding? And if it isn’t the dog’s blood???

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    1. Yes, in the past days, not even a week. And a Stellars Jay that mocks a coyote calling, then snickers in jay talk. Plus a book was tilted forward last night on a shelf Brian and I can only read if standing on a chair, Phantoms in the Brain, Probing the Mysteries for the Human Mind.I’m going to go with the stepdad’s ghost living on my deck he so loved, something like 100 Yers of Solitude with dead relatives still in the home. Our 13 yr. old German Shep. has sinus infections and antibiotics. I’m using the blood for an eery element. I’ll message you later. This is the first story I can really get involved with since Transylvania. AnTRUE!

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