Edible Incredible!

avalanche lily, sweet flowers fresh or in salad
blue violas
wild viola flowers in salad
emerging morel
emerging morel, saute in butter
dig in morel
almost through the forest floor
Trilium parasol
Morels are often found beneath trillium parasols (blossoms are gone on this one).           Don’t eat trilliums
Camus roots are extremely high in protein
emerging coral
coral fungus just pushing through forest duff, saute in butter or dry and grind for soup stock

I love spring forage in the Rocky Mountains!

Weekly Photo Challenge:  dinnertime!

16 thoughts on “Edible Incredible!”

  1. dis is 2 kewl fer skewl to know…had neva thought of em as edible…will have to check out more now bout edible wild rocky mountain flowers,,jest to know if nutin else is very kewl post-it 🙂 🙂 ….

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  2. Such lovely snaps of the flowers on your hike. They look like so fresh, as if very happy to see spring in your part of the world. Love the camus roots. Blue is my favourite colour, and they certainly caught my eye 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much Mabel. I love the colors, too. I wonder if the camus flower can dye fabric. I’ll try it. Have you eaten camus root? As a child I used to dig it up and chew on it. Can’t remember how it tastes.

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    1. Thanks Aishwarya. The yellow avalanche lilly is my favorite edible flower. Best to eat while hunting morels, they don’t keep very long. Beautiful in salad, as well as violas, violets, rose, and nasturtium petals, though these are not all wild. Wild foraging is a teriffic way to spend a day. I hope you do try them.

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    1. I hunted morels and picked huckleberries with my family and our community in my childhood. I only pick what we’ve traditionally picked. I took a mushroom class where I was shown other edibles, but I’m leery to test unfamiliar fungus and berries. You are wise.


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