ride Clarence

No doubt family is a kid’s best toy!

Weekly photo challenge:  fun.

10 thoughts on “Fun!”

    1. Thank you Aishwarya. Clarence was everybody’s favorite uncle, even kids who were not in our family. He had an 8 inch steel pin in his hip so he kept that leg straight. All the more fun for me and my brother. Mom probably took the picture. I wish more families would put away electronics and just play with each other. It’s how we learn about communication and relationships and self worth. My opinion.

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      1. I completely agree! With mobile phones claiming most of the attention, people have forgotten social interactions! It’s just so sad that kids play Pokemon go on their phones for hours but cannot talk and laugh for half that time…

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      2. It’s up to family to engage them in play and limit their time on electronics. I was lucky to be a child in a time when family had a lot of time to spend together, working and playing together and caring for each other.


  1. This is such a cute photo! Kids enjoying a piggy back on dad’s (grandad?) back! Maybe the kids are trying to get a better view of the ground 😀 I hope they didn’t tire him out. It can be exhausting with so much weight on one’s back 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mabel. Uncle Clarence definitely gave us a better view of the ground whenever he felt like it. He needed to become tired out and so did we. Then we just lay on our backs and look for pictures in the clouds. Men can take more weight on their backs than women and his back was long enough for several kids.


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