Delila state of mind


They always said DeLila daydreamed too much; she needed to pay attention to her work.

They always said DeLila was rather spacey . . . drifty . . . flighty . . .

Some said DeLila’s imagination was too fantastic; she wasn’t grounded in reality.

One said DeLila would never amount to much.

Another said she was likely to one day just flit away and never come back.

You know what, that’s just what she did.


Weekly Photo Challenge:  State of Mind and reposted today for Magic. I wish more people would, if just for a portion of their day, use a state of mind more like DeLila, who I invented here. We could just pop ourselves into a bubble and let the breeze carry us somewhere else. I have no doubt many bloggers practice this way nonetheless. I used this photo recently in another post but it felt appropriate for this week’s challenge. I love the weekly challenges, I ponder them all week and look at my world through a different lens because of the themes.

By the way, after I composed this flash fiction I made a quick internet search for the name Delila which I chose for no good reason. I found this story and songs of Delila, a Kurdish song writer, drummer, protester, warrior woman who was killed by a Turkish soldier. She was not at all like the character I invented here. Her music is delightful and mesmerizing, though I don’t understand the lanuage of her lyrics. 


13 thoughts on “Delila state of mind”

  1. What a beautiful character, this DeLila! Yes, I would like to be her… I would like to drift away and never come back to this reality… Not that it’s bad, but I do want to be more free spirited! 🙂 thanks for sharing this beautiful post

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    1. I think many of us have to work at letting ourselves be free spirited. I hope you find your way to it. Maybe that’s why I write and photograph and make art. I am solidly grounded, and more so when I let my spirit free, even for a while. I need the balance.

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  2. I love the photograph! The pine needles add so much to the scene, especially the way they frame the ornament. Plus your reflection!!
    And I love the poem/story of DeLila. They go so well together.
    Playful and whimsical!And who wouldn’t want to escape reality sometimes!!

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