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Show Me a Writer Actively Practicing the Art

On a coffee break today, I reviewed my list of blog followers. I wondered when you each started following me and why. And I really want want to know who you are and how we connect.

I scrolled down the list and began exploring profiles behind the gravatars. Many of my followers are also writers and photographers. Alieen Hunt’s “about” page shows me a writer actively practicing the art. She lists her literary submissions and publications. She also has links on her “about” page, one for Tumblr. I know practically nothing about Tumblr so I clicked her link and found such a wonderful new experience, I want to share it with you.

The photos hooked me right away. Below them I became engaged with her list of 12 Essential Essays for Writers. I recognize the authors Joan Didion, Annie Dillard, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Elizabeth Gilbert, and many more. I can’t wait to read these essays and apply their wisdom to my own writing.

Today, I want to share Aileen’s “about” page and her Tumblr page with you. If you are a writer I think you, too, will be interested in the essays for writers. It will take more than a coffee break for me to read all the essays. I doubt I can understand how to create my Tumblr account over a cup of java, but it looks like it will be worth a try.

Here are links to Alieen Hunt’s “about” page on her blog, and to the 12 Essential Essays for Writers on her Tumblr account. 

Aileen Hunt’s “about” page.     http://aileen-hunt.com/

Aileen Hunt on Tublr       http://aileenhunt.tumblr.com/

12 Essential essays for writers.         http://tetw.org/Essays_for_Writers

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face down journal
A journal, welcome as a visit with a friend.

May 11, 2013. I knew it would be hard to keep up my blog once school started again. Sure enough. So I decided to take this opportunity to retire from teaching in the Sequim School District, when the term ends, and resume my writing interests. And art. Lots of art. No doubt I will continue to live in more than one environment and no doubt I’ll find plenty to write about.

June 14, 2013. I showed my blog to my 7th grade writing students this week. These kids are mostly non-writers and it takes a lot to inspire them to write. They had no interest in starting their own blogs. I’ll try again with the class of gifted students. They are interested in publishing on my writers website but it won’t be online before school ends. I hope I get to see these kids again. They are inspired young writers and they inspire me to facilitate their learning. I look forward to meeting more young writers in creative camps and workshops that I am preparing. Writing outside the perimeters of school requirements offers more freedom to be inventive. It’s OK to make mistakes in our art. That’s how new ideas come forth. No fear writing!