Children’s Theater

I get involved in theater for children in my region. I directed a play in fall 2015 and I continue to provide performing arts activities as “Artist in Residence” in regional school. Here are some samples of work I’ve done for children’s theater in the last couple of years. Contact me if you’d like more information about the plays, playwriting, workshops, directing, or designing costumes, props, or sets. I’m happy to help. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Check out performance photos, costume plans, and more on my blog for Phaeton and the Sun Chariot this fall. Here’s the link to it.



Here is a blog post with photos for some costumes I designed for the Greek myth I directed.










I adapted the poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter” for stage activities for 3rd grade classrooms in my artist in residence program. I’ll give you the script here.

children laying on floor
Dead oysters on the beach

I designed and sewed 16 costumes in 14 days for Robin Hood in Feb. 2015. Tunics are easy to construct, hoods and fancy dresses take only a little more effort. 

Look for more posts and resources as I start into my residency program this season. I especially like to write scripts so if you have a story in mind to adapt, or want something original, please ask me.

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