Canoe collision

What do you do with a fleet of aluminum canoes? Sculpture, of course!


We detoured off Highway 26 in Washington to see Palouse Falls. I like traveling the backroads. We crossed the Snake River from Clarkston, Washington into Lewiston, Idaho. From the bridge I could see a mural of fish painted on a long building. The canoe sculpture in front of it astounded me. Next morning I came back and photographed the art installation. It really is worthwhile to take the back way and linger along the journey. This is only some of the artsy Old Town in Lewiston.

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This is the wall of a seafood company alongside the river and railroad tracks. The mural artist is Rolf Goetzinger of Spokane. With his brother Peter they create public art and sculpture in cities and hospitals. You can see their galleries They created another mural of the way Lewiston used to be in Old Town. It’s worth the time to take a driving break away from the gas stop and the Lewiston grade to see the public art in this college town.

This is my 5th post in the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. I was nominated by The point is to post a photo and story, any style fiction or non-fiction or poetry you like, for 5 consecutive days. Nominate another blogger each of those days and don’t forget to tell them. Participation is totally optional and you don’t have to have an invitation to join, anyone can take up the challenge. Doug invited me the day before I left for vacation and I waited a couple of weeks before I had time to get on it. Today I nominate Sharron McConnel to take up the Challenge. Sharron posts interesting photos often and writes brief concise pieces with them to give her readers interest and focus. She, too, travels the backroads and writes about it, with photos. Check out her blog


11 thoughts on “Canoe collision”

      1. This part of the Snake River is calm but in Hells Canyon before the dams people really navigated by paddle, luck, and prayers. I’m with you. all for paddling on quiet lakes.


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